Friday, October 4, 2013

Just WRITE, right?


As in, compose; put words on paper; make a story.

Not RIGHT, as in correct; the opposite of wrong or left.

But to just write is just so hard!
It’s why I haven’t done it in awhile.

What to write?

A poem?
A Song?
A few words about what’s been going on?

That question has plagued me the last week or two.

They always said in school, write about what you know, so here’s what I know in my last 2 and a half minutes…

I know being a Mom is a daily challenge – one that I welcome- but a challenge no less.

I know my kids are so important to me, and raising them to be good responsible people is an ever-pressing priority.

I know this task seems impossible in the midst of all the other things I have going on.

BUT I also know that I am capable of this task and so many others that God sees fit to bless me with.

I know that HE can help me do all things.   Phil 4:13

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