My 1000 Gifts

87.) when things we take for granted make us more grateful 

86.) deer in a field

85.) to grandmother's house we go!

84.) Four wheel drive

83.) Candles

82.) Power outages

81.) SNOW!

80.) Sundays at home

79.) the feel of coming Spring

78.) family baseball

77.) growing kids

76.) fresh air

75.) exercise

74.) second chances (and 3rd and 4th and 5th ...)

73.) pictures and photos

72.) memories

71.) the kindness of strangers

70.) once strangers, now friends

69.) another day

68.) Lori Harris and her inspirational words

67.) learning from the past {again}

66.) new friends and confidants

65.) sunny skies

64.) a yard full of birds

63.) knowing the difference between discipline and punishment

62.) lunch with friends

61.) Warm Sunshine

60.) Blue skies

59.) friends who come and go and love me the same all the time

58.) friends who I haven't seen in ages but who pick up right where we left off

57.) flowers

56.) the hot sunshine

55.) working AC 

54.) a husband who works his job with integrity when most others around him 
      do not

53.) that every day is a NEW day

52.) the ability (and privilege) to learn from my mistakes

51.) rewards for a job well done

50.) bedtime stories 

49.) Doggie paws running to the door when her master comes home!

48.) left-overs :-)

47.) hugs and kisses

46.) writing down my jumbled thoughts and knowing it's cheaper than therapy- 


45.) forgiveness

44.) grace ~ lots of it, thank the Lord!

43.) my God is the God of second chances

42.) I'm not perfect and I don't have to be because Jesus was

41.) there are a lot of people who love me

40.) people who love me when I really don't deserve it

39.) therapeutic tears

38.) tears of joy

37.) feeling good about yourself

36.) a sense of accomplishment (it's the best feeling!)

35.) feeling like you've made a difference to someone else

34.) days that lack toys and require kids to use their (gasp!) imaginations!

33.) blessings that allowed us to take our kids on a 5 day trip to Disney

32.) sharing

31.) having extra

30.) a hard working Daddy and Husband

29.) that God gave us all different ways to express our love for each other

28.) my daughter saying "today was the best day- EVER!"

27.) springtime thunderstorms leaving behind GREEN

26.) birds that sing

25.) birds that hop or waddle

24.) baby boy saying "Hi, Bird!" and "Mom, say hi to the bird!"


22.) Babies who fall asleep in the car.

21.) Surprise baby showers~because every new baby deserves a shower!

20.) Pineapple punch ~ yum!

19.) writing for fun!

18.) pizza night ~ just because...

17.) a family who forgives a "cook" who suddenly doesn't feel like cooking

16.) new and old friends

15.) music ~ it colors my world; I hear it in the background of life and I miss it    
      when it's not there

14.) my baby boy, not really a baby anymore, who still says, “hold me, 

13.) his insanely long eyelashes brushing my cheek and neck as he snuggles  

      into me.

12.) It’s how he gives me Eskimo kisses and says, “nosey, nosey, nosey” 

11.) It’s the love notes my daughter writes me…

10.) ...the rainbows she draws me.

9.) when either of the kids laughs out loud in their sleep

8.) when hubby makes me so mad I just want to knock him out, but when I turn to look at him, he makes me laugh instead.

7.) knowing my baby girl has a lot of me in her

6.) she has my eyes

5.) she loves art~ all forms of it, just like me: singing, dancing, drawing, acting, 
     the list goes on...

4.) the wonderful opportunity to be a Mom

3.) the challenges of being a Mom that help me learn and grow as a person

2.) wonderful parents who taught me great values, both Earthly and Heavenly

1.) parents who taught me to work hard 


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