Friday, August 23, 2013


I haven't really thought about diapers in a long time. 

After all, Sweetpea is 9 and Buddy is 5.
And to be honest, he potty trained and switched over to "big boy" pants faster than she did. I mean seriously, he was sleeping in regular underwear just a couple weeks after starting the process!
Sweetpea had a hard time with nighttime dryness, so we spent a small fortune on Pampers Easy Ups.

But anyway, tonight was meet the teacher night at the Elementary School. 

Sweetpea went and met her new teacherS (she starts changing classes this year) and then we had to go back and visit all the past teachers.
Buddy went and peeked in the door of what will be his Kindergarten class.  We have staggered entry for Kindergarten here, so he doesn't start on Monday when Sweetpea does.

We saw friends and other teachers in the hallways as we walked.

One acquaintance stopped me to ask who Sweetpea's teachers were this year.  When I mentioned the name of Buddy's teacher and asked if she knew of her, her eyes got huge and she gasped.
"He can't be starting school already! He's just a baby!"
To which I responded, "He's MY baby, but he turned 5 this summer so it's time."

And I am trying to be brave.

For him...
For me.

I know he's a little scared of Kindergarten.  As much as he has wanted to be in school with his big sister, he's still not so sure of being in school all day.
He tells me he'll miss me and he'll get tired after being there for so long.

And just writing about it has me tearing up.

Because wasn't it just yesterday that I was changing his diapers?

My sweet babies, a little over 5 years ago.

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  1. Awww sweet baby! My guy is heading to Kindergarten too and I had him all set up for half day. We just got a call from the school letting us know they were only offering full day classes now. It's fine, but I definitely panicked for a moment. I hadn't prepared for that! I think it might be harder on us than it is on them in the long run.

  2. Love the picture! Your daughter looks so proud of herself to be holding that baby brother!

    Oh, and my husband's nicknames for our kids are Little Buddy and Sweetpea. How funny is that? (Little Buddy just turned 18 and isn't as thrilled with the name anymore. Sweetpea is 14 and tolerates it.)

    They DO grow up fast. Believe it.