Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Days like this...

Today was one of those days when I should've taken a hint...

left well enough alone and gone back to bed, but I didn't.

As I was packing Buddy's lunch and simultaneously making my own breakfast, a smoothie, I needed to shake the Almond Milk.  A thing which I do every time I make a smoothie and that is almost every morning. Only this time, with the pour spout closed and my finger on top of it as usual, it still managed to spew milk everywhere as I shook.

Ok, fine - freak thing, clean it up and move on.

After making my smoothie, I put the top piece {the part with the motor; the heavy part} of my immersion blender back in the overhead cabinet above the sink. Before I could get something else out and close the cabinet, the blender stick came tumbling down and almost hit my head but instead fell into the sink.

At this point, I'm starting to wonder what's going on!

I was getting behind on time so I knew I needed to hurry.  I quickly put all the dirty smoothie-making-items in the sink and turned to get the vitamins my kids asked for.  The counter was all clean, the lunch was packed, and my smoothie ready to drink.  I put the lid on the vitamins and moved to return them to their usual spot when IT happened! 

I spilled my smoothie! The one I had just spent a good bit of time creating that was supposed to be my breakfast.  The one that was now all over the recently cleaned counter top.  The one that would no longer fill my belly and would have to be accompanied by something else.

Cleanup on aisle 2 - AGAIN!

I hurried through the rest of the morning routine barely getting out the door in time to get the kids to school and not be tardy.  My makeup was in a bag in my hand and none of it was on my face as we raced towards the school.
Wednesdays are my volunteer days in Sweetpea's class so I wasn't coming back home right away.

This morning, traffic seemed to be on my side and we made it to school with no delays and in almost record time {while driving the speed limit - approximately}.
As I dropped the kids off in front of the school, I looked around deciding where to park the car for the morning.

Have you ever parked in a fast food restaurant lot only to realize after you were wedged in there, that parking near the drive-through lane might not have been smart?
Well that's the same at our school.  The closest parking spots are practically IN the carpool lane and getting out of them during drop off and pick up is tough.
As I was looking for an open spot, I realized someone in a front parking space was leaving.  Back up lights were on, they were moving; BUT so was I!

So I slammed on brakes thinking maybe they couldn't see me.
ONLY the guy behind me was too close to stop no matter how hard he tried.

AND I got rear-ended in the carpool line this morning.

Honestly, I couldn't believe it because the morning had just been so bad already!

It turned out not to be a big deal.  No real damage to either vehicle and we exchanged information quickly.  I don't even think it's worth filing an insurance claim over.

And the rest of the day went mostly better.
The ladies in the front office joked that I couldn't take a hint when I told them about my morning!

I had a child I was trying to help with end-of-grade math test prep who wanted nothing at all to do with me, school, math, or life-in-general today.  I tried so hard to engage him, but he just wouldn't bite.  I felt bad for him because I'm thinking home hasn't been a great place lately.  He's a smart kid and I want him to do well.

I had "lunch" with both my kids in the cafeteria today before leaving the school.  They ate and I sat with them.

Then I got myself some lunch and did some grocery shopping.
While in Walmart I ran into some people I knew and was able to catch up a little.  I knew I had a lot to do at home before it was time to go back for the kids, but I talked anyway.
One of them made a comment about what most people wear to Walmart and then something like, "but you always look so put together."

Say what? That always surprises me to hear and I usually don't agree but today it caught my attention.
Not because I was put together or even dressed all that nicely.

It caught my attention because TODAY the important thing was about slowing down and enjoying the people in my life.  Sitting still and not racing to the next thing. Taking time to foster relationships. 

After my little fender-bender this morning, I was tempted to go straight home after volunteering but I stayed for lunch with my kids because I'd originally planned to. All my sons little kindergarten friends were excited to talk to me during lunch and I made a point to listen to them and make eye contact and let them know that I was hearing what they were saying.
They are so little and so full of energy, but it doesn't last long! They grow up so fast and in a few years they will not want to talk to someone else's Mom during lunch.

And my friend I saw in Walmart? She amazes me! 
Most days my 2 kids make me want to pull my hair out, but she has 4! All of them sick and at Walmart with her today to get medicine.
Honestly, I have no idea how she does it.

So, Mama didn't necessarily tell me there'd be days like this {or maybe she did and I wasn't listening}.  
Life is about relationships and too often we hurry past them in our quest to do the next big thing.  Get to our next appointment.  Make up for time we wasted on something else {like, oh, SLEEP}.
But if you get a wake-up call like I did today, don't ignore it.

I truly believe there is always a reason for everything in our lives.  
Who knows, maybe the guy who rear-ended me today is someone I was supposed to meet for a specific purpose?

I guess time will tell.
So take your time...

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