Monday, September 22, 2014

Feminism and the line it draws {part 3}

What started out as one post about feminism and real world situations, became much too long for one post.  

So in the interest of length, it became a series and this post, part 3. If you missed Part 1, read it herepart 2 is here. Please 

come back and read the remaining parts {I'm not sure right now how many there will be}.  

I welcome your input and real world examples too.

Last weekend, I attended a Beth Moore Simulcast event.  The subject?
Finding your identity and, more importantly, finding your identity in Him, the one who created you for a purpose.

We talked about women in the Bible, what a Godly woman looks like, and the fact that Jesus changed the story of every woman he met and still does today.

Beth talked about what it means to be equipped, courageous, and loved.  She talked about why having girlfriends is so important to women and why God made us the emotional beings that we are.
She also talked about how emotions are helpful but also hurtful.

She talked about competition and comparison with other women and why it's a terrible trap to fall into.  She talked about how to stop it and begin repairing our hearts that have been poked full of holes due to insecurity.

Do you see the link between feminism and insecurity (girl drama), yet?

In most cases, feminism works against us. It doesn't make us look stronger and like a gender that can survive without men.  It turns us against one another instead of helping us embrace the role God created us for: community with other women (and men).

I'm one who likes to tie everything up with a pretty little bow.
It took me a couple of extra days to post this which I originally thought would be the final piece in a 3 part series. That's because this isn't a finite issue and, as far as I can see, can't be tied up with a pretty little bow.
Since it's on-going, this may be a topic I revisit as life presents opportunity to do so.

For now, I'll share something that Beth shared at that conference last weekend.  It's meant to empower us as women of God; the women He created us to be - not the women the world tries to tell us to be. She called it an Identity Declaration:

"I am a woman of God
Redeemed by Jesus Christ
Loved, pursued, and chosen
Equipped with words of life.
Clothed in strength and dignity
Commissioned here and now
Gifted by the spirit
Forgiven and Unbound."
~Beth Moore

Further reading and source list for this series (other than previously noted):

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