Thursday, October 2, 2014

31 Days of...Crazy?

October is going to be a crazy month!

My daughter's travel dance competitions start next weekend in a city about 6 hours away by car.

I just took over a women's Bible Study group at church. And y'all? I am not a teacher!

I also signed up to do a "Read the New Testament" challenge by the end of the year.  It started yesterday.
I've never done a Bible read-through plan before - mostly due to fear of failing.

These 3 big things would certainly be BIG things when added to any month or schedule.
But my schedule is full enough already.

  • Volunteer at the school 2 days a week - one for each child.
  • I'm supposed to be stay-at-home Mom but I'm never here and my housework is what suffers for it.
  • A home-based business that keeps me busy most months, but in October is responsible for 7 events on my calendar.
  • Concerned parent closely watching some shady things going on with public education in NC.  I attend those meetings at least once a month.
  • Church on Wednesday nights.
  • Dance practice for Sweetpea on Monday nights.

So, just in case I had ANY DOUBT about how much I can accomplish in the month of October, I just committed myself to this 31 Days of Writing thing.

And all I could think about to write on for 31 days was CRAZY?!

So this is my first post and since I got started a day late {how did it get to be October 2, anyway?!}, you get two posts today!

Lucky you!

Come back and follow my 31 Day journey this month.
But hold on tight - it's about to get crazy!

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