Sunday, October 26, 2014

31 Days: Day 25 {Weighing Words}

It's either "yes" or "no;" if you did it, 
say, "yes, I did it."
"Yes, I did it," she said through tears. 

Sweetpea & her brother did something they shouldn't
have, but neither would confess.

As I told her to admit it, I realized I may as well have
been talking to myself again. 

 Not that I've done anything specific but it just
strikes me sometimes how much adults need the
same advice kids do. 

As adults, we say things & then back-peddle,
re-phrase, worry about being "PC," or hurting
someone's feelings. 
By then it's usually too late. 

We post status updates, tweets, & comments in the privacy of our own homes, hiding behind computer screens & online identities. 
 The relief that no one reading our words knows us - really knows us - makes it easier. 

As a parent, I want to make sure my kids know it's always best to "own" your words. 

When you do wrong, confess - tell the truth from the start; they also need to know all actions have consequences no matter how sorry you are. 

There are some things you can never apologize away.

As adults we need to remember that too. Those people we criticize or argue with through computer screens? 

They're real people. 

With real feelings.

And sometimes those words we said have consequences and can't be taken back. 

No amount of "I'm sorrys" will undo the damage. 

So for all of us it's important to think before we speak {or act}. 

I'm all for being authentic, real, and open, but overdoing it often causes hurt. 
Like most things in life, it can be a difficult balance.

I started this blog writing anonymously. Sometimes, I change names and minor details to respect the privacy of those who may not know they are "starring" in my online journal. 

All of this was with the premise that if anyone ever questioned my words or thoughts, I had to stand behind them.
That's why I do weigh my words before I type them.
I edit heavily and sometimes I remove myself from the words I've written so that I can review them with fresh eyes before publishing.

Obviously, this is a recurring issue in my life; I already wrote about it once during this 31 days.
I'm not even sure I know how to adequately make my point that this is a BIG issue.
How do you simultaneously teach your kids to choose their words wisely and not retract them when someone disagrees, yet also stand up for something they believe in?

As a Mom, I can only see one way.
One way that my kids will be great in spite of me 
and my short falls. 
That way is to pray that His blessings will multiply my best efforts.  

I believe He can.

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