Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 5: In the Crazy, Just BE

I hesitate to say it, but I think I'm impressed - 

- with myself.

I'm not getting conceited, but I'm just honestly surprised and excited at how well my October Crazy is going so far.

I think I need to knock on some wood as I say this, but the Bible reading challenge, Bible Study group, and writing everyday is going well so far.

Today was church in the park day and it was a beautiful day for it.
The weather was wonderful, but even more than that, I was in an odd mood - one that doesn't hit me very often.
I just wanted to have an "easy - breezy" kind of day and I wasn't going to let anyone ruin it.

I just wanted to BE.

To enjoy everything that was happening...
To let the kids do things I don't normally allow {like candy before 10:00 am}...
To sit in the sun and feel God's presence on my face...
To stand and sing {and feel} the songs without worry of who could {or could not}hear me...
To work on things I haven't explored in so long {someone called me an artist today!}...

Today was refreshing and renewing...
It was a great day!

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