Wednesday, October 15, 2014

31 Days: Day 15 {When the Crazy Threatens to Carry You Away}

The weather got real crazy here today.
In fact it started before 4am this morning with thunder, lightening, and loud rain.
Then there was that weather warning that came through my phone about 4:45 to warn me of the impending flash flood in my area. 
Those are fun.
Especially when you wish you weren't awake yet.

By the time I left to take the kids to school a little after 8am, it seemed things had calmed down.
Just as we were pulling out of the neighborhood, it started to rain.

Then the bottom fell out.

So when I say CRAZY, I mean crazy, hard, 
blinding rain.
My kids actually asked me if that was as fast as the windshield wipers could go.
It was.

So I slowed down and concentrated on the lines on the road.  {They were truly hard to see.}

I managed to get the kids to school safely and 
the rain slacked off a bit as they were getting 
out of the car.
On the way back home, the rain picked up again to the point that seeing what was right in front of me was incredibly difficult.

I couldn't help thinking that life is like that sometimes.
You're trucking along, thinking everything is going well, and then the bottom drops out.
You slow down and you try everything but you still just can't see what's right in front of you.

And what's the answer when you can't see what's coming next?
The same as driving in the pouring rain: 
just keep going.

Slow down if you need to.
Turn your wipers up to high {get help}.
Turn your lights on {get help}.
Trust your instincts on roads you've driven before.

Even if you're creeping along at a snail's pace; just keep going.

Sometimes coming to a complete stop is actually more dangerous than just continuing on.

Today, in a matter of 20 minutes, we went from not-raining to so-much-standing-water-I-thought-my-house-might-float-away.

But later, the sun was out.  The excess water {those large rivers running through my yard, drainage ditches, and driveway} was all but gone in an hour or two.  By this afternoon, the birds were out pecking at the ground and the clouds were clearing.

In life sometimes, the rain stops suddenly, the sun appears, and all traces of the storm are gone 
in a hurry.
Even when you may have thought the storm would carry you away, suddenly the birds are chirping and the clouds are moving out.

Weather, like life, can be crazy.

Today was a good reminder to slow down and not let the crazy carry you away.

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