Saturday, November 1, 2014

31 Days: Day 31 {Better Late than Never}

If you're like me and you have kids, yesterday was pretty crazy in your house!
So here's my day 31 post a day late.
I don't often post pictures of my kids, but I did include one here of them dressed up and ready to trick or treat.

Halloween is not a huge deal in our house/neighborhood, but the kids do love to dress up and go beg for candy Trick or Treat in the neighborhood.

We have less than 50 houses in our 'hood, so with over half not participating (scrooges as my hubby said last night), our kids are able to walk the entire subdivision before we get too many complaints about sore feet and such.

It seemed there were less trick or treaters in general this year, because our bowl was still quite full when we returned.  I left it out on the front porch til after 9pm and no one else came by. 

Too bad we have so many Reese's Cups leftover {sarcasm}!

My Dorothy and My Hulk

Hope y'all all had a safe and fun Halloween, with no "candy hangovers!"

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