Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I need my Mommy...

Almost 5 months ago to the day, I blogged about my Mom and a new diagnosis she'd received in response to some health issues she'd been having.  If you missed it, read it about it here.

Well Mom went to the Mayo clinic in Minnesota recently to get a second opinion.
In fact, she spent a week there.  They ran and re-ran all the same tests that her doctors in her hometown ran before giving her the diagnosis of Pulmonary Hypertension.

And in the words of a Mayo doctor, "there is absolutely NOT enough evidence to diagnose" her "with pulmonary hypertension!"
Yay! Sort of...
So it is good news I guess that Mom doesn't have this terrible thing we thought she had.

The thing is, even Mayo couldn't tell her what she does have.  Why her blood pressure spikes and dips erratically and she gets tired so easily without much exertion.  They have recommended some other minor things for her to monitor (like sleep patterns and possibly a form of sleep apnea) but nothing to explain all her symptoms.

So while I am excited at the possibility that Mom's doctors were wrong in the beginning, the bottom line is, I just want Mom to feel better.  I want her to feel like her old self again.  Selfishly, I want her to BE her old self again and ACT like her old self again.

It feels a little odd at 35 to count on your Mom so much, but I definitely do.  I've missed spending time with her and I know my kids have as well.

So once again, I am praying for answers.  I realize that they may only come in God's time and his agenda may not match mine; but still, I pray for a solution for Mom.

And on another note...
I got really excited today because we've had a little cool down in the weather here.

I could actually breathe when I went outside and it wasn't so hot and muggy I thought I might suffocate :-)
This excites me not just for current comfort levels outdoors; it excites me because I can FEEL FALL!
I LOVE Fall; it is my MOST special time of the year.

I am excited about Sweetpea going back to school and all the activities that will bring; but more than that, for me Fall is all about anticipation!  I truly LOVE the colors of Fall, when the leaves start to change.  I know some people think Fall is a season of dying, but I actually see it sort of as a re-birth (or at least the resting to prepare for the re-birth).  Every being deserves a break, right? I think it's kind of cool that the trees and plants have qualities that lie dormant in the winter and return come Spring.

I truly LOVE the smells of Fall! Around here, people burn their lawn trash and dead leaves...I realize that doesn't sound appealing but it is a very distinctive smell.  For me, it reminds me of my Dad and of home since we had to help him rake and burn THOUSANDS of leaves every Fall.

I truly LOVE the feel of Fall!  On the weekends in the Fall we travel often so that hubby can hunt with his Dad.  It gives all of us time to enjoy a change of scenery and some wildlife. I love the crispness of the air in the Fall especially after the sun goes down; how it's just perfectly warm by daylight, but cool enough to need a sweater or blanket at night.  AND, while I'm not much of a sports enthusiast, I do like Football.  THERE. I. SAID. IT!
Just don't tell my husband, 'k?

So, I am patiently awaiting the actual arrival of Fall.  How refreshing to have felt it today! Almost like a teaser, but very timely for my summer weary soul. As if to say, "hold on! I'm right around the corner!"

Fall is coming and I am excited!
How about you? What are you excited about?

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