Monday, September 19, 2011

Where am I?

I am here.
Or, at least, I'm trying to be.

In my journey to discover  choose joy, I have already learned a lot.  One thing I keep going back to, is that joy is a choice.  One of the things that robs me of that choice (or at least makes me feel joy is no longer a choice) is just general day to day life and busy-ness.  I get so caught up in getting from point A to point B and all the things I need to check off my list in-between A and B, that I spend most days hurried, short-tempered, and severely lacking in gratitude, grace for others, and joy.

I am still reading Ann Voskamp's book and her blog whenever possible.  It gives me much to ponder.
One of my favorite parts of the book, she has excerpted on her blog this weekend.  Check it out here.

I feel as if I am making progress.  This weekend I was able to sit at a football game in the rain, and simply enjoy the family experience we were having.  No worries about it being past the kids' bedtime.  No worries about the rain ruining my hair or makeup.  No worries about all the other things I could have been doing in that time.

I saw joy in the face of my son, only 3, totally enraptured with the ball game.  I saw both kids dance, clap, and startle a little when our team scored and they shot off the cannon.  I got to hear such sweet words from the young lips of my baby boy, "I loved the ball game, Dad."  I saw their sweet faces, peaceful in sleep which came before we were even half-way home.

I've always known that enjoying where I am right now rather than pining for the past or yearning for the future could bring joy.  I guess I'm still just trying to figure out how to live in the RIGHT now, right now.
Does that make sense?

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