Thursday, April 14, 2011

Who Me? In a Handbag...

Ok~ so I chose prompt #5; what do the contents of your purse/ handbag "say" about you?
Normally I would call this an "easy" prompt and one I wouldn't normally choose.  And today, it is still that; an easy out for me because I don't want to write about anything in the least bit emotional and I figured this was safe.
We'll see...
So here's my purse before: 

 And here it is after dumping...

Here's what's in there and my analysis, LOL!

A broken foldable travel hair brush (see that white thing on the far left? that's the mirror that was once attached to the brush); foldable and compact because I'm nothing if not practical.  Broken, because I let my 2 year old son play with it :-)

3  make that 4 different packs of wipes~yes, I know overkill; but, I have sensitive skin wipes for my son who has pretty serious eczema, antibacterial wipes for the times in public when you "just want to be sure", baby wipes for the usual; although we are ALMOST potty trained, I keep one pull up and a few wipes with me at all times!
and...wait for it...

paci wipes.  Yes, my son, who is almost three still sometimes uses a paci.  Mostly at bedtime, but occasionally, it affords me peace while I finish the Wal-Mart run! AND they are good for sippy cups too and we all know those hit the floor in restaurants and department stores - ewww!

Recipe cards, customer information cards, and new associate paperwork for my home based business.  Sounds crazy right? BUT you never know when you will meet someone interested and you want to give them what they need and get their info in return.  IT HAPPENS, trust me!

One little cosmetic case / zipper bag with feminine products ~ enough said :-)

Another little cosmetic case with a few make-up essentials: pressed powder compact, lipstick, travel mascara and a pill case, which I believe is completely depleted of the ibuprofen it once held. 

My checkbook, my husband's checkbook, and the stub from the credit card bill I paid today.  I was running around doing lots of errands.  AND before anyone gets on the "I don't use credit cards" kick, let me say this: I use my CC like a debit card and pay it off IN FULL, every month when the bill comes.  He does the same with his card.  It's just easier than cash or checks and I worked at a bank long enough to know the havoc that debit cards can wreak!

My hard-case small wallet with my first initial monogrammed on it.  It was a gift and honestly a necessity now that I converted to a much smaller purse and my previous wallet took up all the space!

2 travel tubes of hand cream (my hands are always dry because I wash them a MILLION times a day); one travel tube of antibacterial lotion (I have kids~enough said); one tide to go pen (kids, remember?).

One very sharp paring knife! Now in my defense, I do not make a habit of carrying around kitchen tools, especially not ones that could double as a weapon. HOWEVER, my friend had to replace her knife a while back, and while she was waiting for her new one, I loaned her mine.  And that says I'm generous, right? (She returned it today and I actually forgot it was in there.)

One very nifty, loyalty card/ membership card holder.  If you haven't see one of these (mine is lime green) it's made by Real Simple (same as the magazine) and I found mine at Target.  It has 10 sleeves for your grocery store cards and gym membership cards, whatever! I actually fit more than one card in some sleeves.  I love it! It makes me feel organized, which I am mostly NOT! But that's another post entirely...

Rounding it out, one mechanical pencil and an ink pen ~ gotta be able to write, right?   

AND I just realized, a third, coin case/ zippered cosmetic case didn't fall out earlier.  It contains 2 or 3 coughdrops, eye drops (you know, just in case) , and some Truvia sweetner. Yeah, I hear you; and yes, I am a little weird! BUT I try to limit my sugar intake and sometimes coffee needs a little help.

So my daughter does this thing where she stashes all her "treasures" (self-defined as such, of course) and puts them inside small containers/bags and then all the small containers into a bigger bag/ basket/ book bag.  It drives me NUTS! She loses things for months at time; special toys, etc.  and then accuses her little brother of stealing or misplacing them.
I'm a little concerned that I've done the same thing here!
But it's different since I know where everything is, right?
I mean I was never a boy scout, but this sounds a little like the "always be prepared" kind of thing.  And that's a good thing! Sadly, many of these items in my purse, never see the light of day until an occasion such as this or a big cleanup or transfer.
I almost feel like a hoarder who's just been called out- ouch!
Someone tell me this is different! This is different, right?


  1. My daughter does the same thing- there are 4-10 purses in her room- all filled with misc "STUFF!"
    Great post- thanks for sharing! **Visiting from MamaKats***

  2. I'm guilty of the throw it in my purse and forget about it, too. However there's no knives in there...I don't think :)

    I'm a new follower. If you get a chance stop by my place. Life Music Laughter

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    The contents of your purse aren't neurotic. You just have a 3 year old, whereas mine is five. I think that explains the difference. I also didn't DUMP my purse. Had I dumped it you'd have seen that I have at LEAST 3 or 4 packs of "wet wipes" that I snagged from the table at a barbeque joint we were at a few months ago that I refuse to throw out because I know that one day my child will need them.

    Nice to meet you.


  4. nice to have you visit my blog...i love your card holder and that it makes you feel organized....that is so me lol it is all about "feeling" organized!

  5. My 3yo still uses a paci. We are TRYING to break her of it but she just wuvvs it so much...