Friday, June 10, 2011

168 Hours...

I know I've been pretty slack about writing recently, but please, believe me, it's not because I don't want to!
Writing, and more specifically, blogging here has become like therapy for me.
A way for me to express my opinions, my fears, the ups and downs of life with little (or in most cases, no) criticism.
This week I was in some pretty intense training.  In addition to my roles as wife and mother, I have a pretty successful home based business.  I am an upper level leader with my company and I feel blessed that they invest so much time and so many resources in me and my peers! They do things like get us together for these intense, but immensely helpful, trainings and brainstorm sessions. AND by the way, it was FREE!
It was 30 minutes from home for me, but they paid for me to stay overnight in the hotel where the conference was held.  My friend, Brandy* shared a very nice room suite with me, for the few hours we were there between dinner the first night and the early breakfast the next.
One of the things we talked about was the 168 hours in a week.  168 hours that are the same for ALL of us.  168 hours that we have to choose how to use; how to live in; how and who to be and be with.
I've taken lots of classes like this before.
Before I was a Mom, I worked retail, retail management, and customer service banking (teller management).  MANY times, I was encouraged to take Franklin Covey classes; a lot of times, they were set up for everyone in my position.
They always make me emotional - a little guilt-ridden, because I know I am wasting moments.  Moments and seconds of magic that are fleeting and often contain the true JOY we are searching for, racing to, creating emergencies for!?
I've learned how to determine "what matters most," how to "put the BIG rocks in first," and how to schedule accordingly so that my family can really and truly take "First Place." I come back from those seminars inspired, encouraged, ready to make a positive change!
Things happen...I'm tired, exhausted is usually more accurate.  My almost three year old son, still doesn't sleep very well at night. OR he's awake at insane hours of the morning when I generally make it to bed after midnight.
AND THAT, that? That is the root of evil in my world! Mama does NOT function well without sleep!
I'm trying to improve, trying to do better.
I want more patience, more joy with my family, more time.
Today I found another blog that goes along with a lot of what I'm feeling and living, really.  She had some great suggestions for books to read, and like me, she's reading Ann Voskamp's book "One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are."
Read her post here:
I also reposted a video she had posted on her blog entry because it spoke to me so much.
I hope you enjoy and can gain some insight and inspiration from it too.
When I started this blog, I never realized Grace (at least the Earthly kind) was so hard gain :-)
Have a blessed day!

*Totally not her real name since I blog semi-anonymously, but she knows who she is :-)

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  1. Leslie, I really get what you're saying. Life has immediate problems that we need to tackle, and too often the immediate takes precedence over the important. It doesn't mean the important isn't just that - important - it just means that small things need tending to too. Things like, changing a baby's diaper or answering the phone or paying a bill. I think part of MY problem is that I take the small immediate things and make a mountain out of a mole hill and give them more importance than they deserve. I don't focus enough on the TRULY important things. I need to do that - thanks for the reminder!