Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Monday Madness...

As I start this post, there is all of 5 minutes left to Monday, but Lordy did it hang around too long!
This was like the randomest (not a word, I think) day ever! It was just uhhh (I can't find a real word for it), and I am just wuugghhhhh, and can I just vent for a sec?
I'm so glad you said yes, 'cause here I go!

Anyone who thinks being a Stay-At-Home Mom is easy, can kiss my tush right now! I know there are varying degrees of being a SAHM, and technically, I'm a WAHM (work at home Mom), BUT STILL...
it really peeves me when I see something like this:
On a Mommy message board, Mom #1 says she can't stay motivated to keep her house clean because she busts her hump doing it and no one helps her keep it that way.  Hubby complains, but apparently doesn't help her clean - EVER!
Another Mom responds (and I paraphrase, but not much):
"I'm confused...clean while your child naps.  Mine is 17 months old and still sleeps for 3 hours every day.  My hubby comes home to a clean house, dinner almost prepared, and errands run everyday."
Anyone else want to knock her teeth out? Because I do!
Now, at the risk of making myself out to be a huge hypocrite here, I am going to assume there is something about Mommy #2's life we don't know.
BUT, having said that, since none of us knows EXACTLY what it's like to be in someone else's shoes/life, we can't ASSUME (or maybe it should be presume, here; anyway) that just because we do things a certain way and are successful that anyone can do it with the same result.  Not really...
that's not how life is...God gave us all different personalities.  My home with two parents and two kids could have a totally different dynamic than another two parent, two child household.  Just like my kids develop differently; both of mine walked around 14 months, but there are plenty of babies I know walked at 9 or 10 months.  Or clapped their hands, or held their own bottle, or sat up alone...it's all relative I guess...
so anyway, not sure what my point was there, but that just really made me want to go through the computer screen! I mean, I think we all try to do our best (maybe not every. single.day; but most of the time) to please our families/ spouses and take care of them.  This chick's response was condescending in my opinion.
On the same subject, someone else said today in conversation, "you can call her during the day; she's one of those lucky stay-at-home Moms."
To which I very quickly responded, "Hey! US stay-at-home Moms work hard! Many days I would give anything to be back at a "real" job just to have a break! (totally did not check myself before it came out of my mouth)"
So I realize it wasn't graceful but judgements and blanket statements drive me nuts!

Also, today I apparently wore a big sign on my face stating that people should tell me their secrets (maybe I wear it many days, who knows?).  Someone I hadn't seen or talked to in a while (other than on Facebook and I'm not sure that counts), totally unloaded on me about a personal issue one of her children was having.  Not that I mind, I just didn't know we were that good of friends! I mean, I most likely would not have told her the same situation about one of my kids.

Other randomness in my life...
my just turned 3 year old son, who is small enough most people think he's 2, but smart enough to pass for 4, is almost-so-close to being potty trained! He was SO much easier than my daughter! So for those who think girls are easier, I say to you- "Not always!"
Also, I love the fact that he's still so small I can cradle him in my arms and he still wants me to.  When he wakes up from his naps (during which I am usually NOT cleaning), he always comes to me and says, "Mom! Hold me!" Which of course I do whenever possible! He is just so soft and cuddly and I love it!

On the other hand, I am starting to wonder if my 7 year old is going through puberty! She has been an emotional roller coaster lately and I am about to lose it! Is this normal?
I mean EVERYTHING that does not go her way is a HUGE deal! Tears, drama, and on and on and on!
She says things like "I feel like everyone hates me" or "I feel so stupid!"
Both of which break my heart because I want nothing more for her than to instill in her healthy self-esteem.  But I almost don't even see the connection most times between what just happened and what she's saying.
Can someone with daughters help me out here?

And YAWN! I hope I didn't bore you with my rant (it was about as random as my day), but my body has decided it needs sleep now.
Thanks for listening to me vent and please leave a comment so I know you were here!
Here's to peaceful sleep for me and you!


  1. The whole SAHM battle is one big roller coaster. I've been on it a long time now...long enough that I don't pay any attention any more. I'm like, "If telling yourself that you're doing great because you have one kids & no messy house makes you feel better about yourself, go ahead honey." Because you're right - whatever she has, we don't know about.

  2. So obviously, Mommy #2 drinks. A lot.

    I don't have kids, but the other day I watched my friends 8 y/o daughter completely melt down because they were having chicken nuggets instead of chicken sticks. So I think it's an age thing? I'm not really qualified to make that statement...

    I hope your Tuesday is better!!