Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just the good stuff...

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This week's prompts:
1.) Girls Night Out! Describe the last time you got to hang out with your friends? What stops you from doing this more often?

2.) If Social Media died tomorrow, describe another hobby you might get into.
3.) Share a Summer Camp memory.
4.) We're too old to be getting in trouble...aren't we? Write about a time you were an adult.
5.) Barefoot and hormonal...describe an incident that upset you when you were pregnant, but now looking back makes you laugh.

Oh, boy! Can I just say I am in a serious writing funk? 
Oh, I have plenty to say! It's just that by the time I have quiet time or "me" time or whatever you want to call it, it's 11pm, everyone else in my house is finally asleep and I am too exhausted to voice, much less write, a coherent thought!
But, for MamaKat, I will at least make an attempt :-)

Couldn't decide what to write about when these prompts first came out, or the second time I looked at them, or tonight as I'm looking at them for at least the 4th time.  None just jumped out at me or called to me or whatever.

I mean, I really don't have girls' nights; it's never really been my thing.  Last week, though, at my training I sprawled across my hotel bed on Wednesday night and enjoyed a glass (or 2) of wine while chatting with two of my "co-workers." Maybe that counts? No; probably not...

As far as social media goes, I'm not sure I would classify it as a hobby.  I actually make a point to only go  on Facebook from my phone since I can only read statuses and post them really.  Most other functions are just too difficult or finicky to mess with, even on a "smart phone."
And Twitter, well don't even get me started on that! I'm so "tweet" illiterate it's ridiculous! 
Does reading other blogs count as social media, because if it does, I'd be in trouble! I mean, MamaKat, texanmama, Jennifer at mommamadeitlookeasy, and Ann at, they get A LOT of my time! I have a hard time choosing between reading a book on my phone (Kindle App) or reading blogs to find out what's been going on with everyone since I last read.
But no, not that prompt...

And I am DEFINITELY too old to be getting in trouble, but geez it seems to happen alot! I was recently scolded by someone for booking two "parties" in the same neighborhood within a week of each other! As if I were some COLD calculated person only out to have another party without regard  to what that would mean for my hostesses! HELLO? People? This is my job! Seriously, would I do that to myself? I can't make any money if no one come to either of the parties- just saying! Totally a mistake!
But, no; not really enough there for a whole story either.

And while I have many stories that I can look back on and laugh at because I got upset over something in a moment of hormonal angst...
Wait! That happens every month and not just when I was pregnant!

SOOOO, that leaves me with a summer camp memory.
And guess what? I only went to one TRUE summer camp!
For real!
When I was about 11 or 12, a friend's Mom found two free spots to a girl's camp in the mountains of our state (about 3 to 4 hours away).  A local group wanted to sponsor two girls for a week, and my friend and I were the lucky ones!
I remember leaving before the sun was really up that morning and being keyed up on the entire ride. I was so excited about "sleep away" camp! All my previous "camp" experiences were with my church children's group and of course I knew everyone there; they were very predictable trips.
BUT THIS! This was going to be whole new experience! No parents! Only one friend I already knew...lots of opportunities to make new ones!
And I did! In the midst of hiking, touring some of the sites of the campground itself,  swimming, going to a local amusement park, participating in "Cabin Challenges," etc...I made lots of new friends.
I took pictures of them with my cheap-o little 110 camera and I still have those pictures to this day.
I remember my counselor's name ~Kim~although not all of my fellow cabin member's names.
It was a great experience!
I had a memory of this place just the other day and decided to see if it still existed.  I found it online and was able to show Sweetpea some pictures of it and tell her a little bit about my experience there.
And you know what's funny?
In reality? The 5 days I spent there?
They were full of drama! My friend was having some serious monthly cycle issues- I mean like she'd been having it for over 2 weeks and it showed no signs of stopping! We were 11, people! She was miserable!
There was a big showdown one night in the main cabin/ dining hall because one cabin got disqualified from a challenge for talking out of turn.  To this day, I don't think they were the ones talking, but c'est la vie, right? 
One of the girls in the disqualified cabin wouldn't let it go the next day.  She was hell-bent on redeeming herself and her cabin-mates.  People kept saying she was having a serious case of PMS, and whispering behind her back. (And, yes; I still remember her name too.)
So that was my short week at camp.
I guess it was really my first introduction to Drama Queens, hormones, and all the other fall-out of feelings and emotions.  But I still remember it fondly! Thinking of that place makes me nostalgic and I would love to go back just to walk around and remember the scenery.
It was a beautiful place and a beautiful time.
I am so grateful for all the little pieces, places, and times in my life that make me who I am today!


  1. I never got to goto summer camp. Even with the drama it sounds like fun :)

    Visiting from Mama Kat's

  2. I love that you tackled them all in one post! I too am not a girls night out type, but I do love getting together with my girlfriends, brewing coffee and crafting while chatting.
    The only summer camp I went to as a kid was basketball camp, where I breathed basketball for the entire week.
    thanks for visiting my site; hope to hear more from ya!