Sunday, February 23, 2014

Front and Center

I'm not a front-and-center kind of girl.  

Not by choice anyway.

what "HOME" looked like when we left for Atlanta last weekend...

But on Sunday mornings that's exactly where I am.  Front and center of the choir - it's sort of my assigned spot.

Yesterday, after my Pampered Chef cooking show, someone asked me if I had always been outspoken.
What I think she meant was "outgoing."

Outspoken? Yes - I am quite opinionated! Outgoing? Not at all! Shyness is definitely in my nature!

That's why Sunday mornings are such a weird place for me.

Wanting to sing, praise God, and lead the church in worship, but wanting no one to look at me while I'm doing it.  

Please know that I know that sounds crazy!

...the kind of "snow scene" we saw when we came back...

My primary form of worship is music.  Music speaks to me to more than any other medium and so I try to use it to speak to others.

I'm also a person who likes to know what's coming next.

So this morning when we sang this song, and I had no idea it was coming, well I almost lost it. Like, the ugly-cry-kind-of-lost-it.

I have LOVED this song since the first time I heard it several years ago.  Every time I hear it (or sing it), I struggle to keep from crying.

...random piles of dirty snow...

And pared with the other songs we sang and the message from the pastor, I knew it was all meant for me.

...a scene from our Atlanta stay...

I'd wanted to stay in bed this morning.

Pull the covers over my head and hide.  Definitely NOT go stand in front of a bunch of people and sing.

But I was supposed to be there.  I don't believe in accidents.

And that message had my name all over it (I'll share more about it later).

...this week? Temps in the 70's and flowers springing up! Crazy weather!

God used 4 songs, the pastor's sermon, and the Sunday school discussion to remind me of one very important thing:
My life is to be filled by, and FUL-filled by, HIM and only Him.

sweet doggie who we missed while we were away!

Not another person, not a circumstance, not a reward or an accolade. Not hugs and kisses, not snuggles with our fur-baby, not material possessions, or a pat on the back for a job well done.

HIM and HIM alone.

When am I going to get that through my head?

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