Monday, February 3, 2014

...then WHY don't I live like it?

I've been reading this lady's blog for over a year now. 

I love her words and I love her heart and her space always blesses me when I take the time to visit.

She writes her heart and she loves her people like I can only hope to do.  She welcomes in everyone and serves her neighbors, loving them as she loves her self and her own people.

Currently, she has a guest post series running with the topic of "If God is real, Then..."

Today I read the post just before my shower.  The shower seems to be a serious thinking place for me most mornings and this morning my head was swimming with the phrase, "If God is Real, then...?"

Then, what?

I know God is real.

I can't remember the last time I actually asked myself IS God real, or made a statement that IF He were real...

But today, what answered back was this:

If God is Real, Then why don't I live like He's real?

If God is Real to me, and my impulse is "Well, of course, He's real!" why is there ever a day when I LIVE/LOVE/ACT dejected, worn, shamed and guilty?

Why is there ever a day when any one of us walks around feeling or talking about ourselves as if we aren't valued?

Why don't we value ourselves?

We walk around singing songs like "Your Grace is Enough" but do we show it on our faces? In our demeanors? Or do we walk around looking like all hope is lost and we just lost our best friend?

Now, I'm preaching to myself here as much as anyone, so don't be offended.

Instead, I just want to reflect {and I want YOU to reflect} on that question:
If God is Real, Then Why don't I live like He's real? How should I be living/loving/acting/serving differently?

Because it should be different shouldn't it?

Shouldn't my life look different to others?

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