Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Falling into a new day...

This morning I awoke to an almost unwelcome chill in the air.  After all, it can be a little disorienting to wake up cold when just yesterday the high temperature was a sweltering 85 degrees!

As I continued my journey toward full awareness, my groggy mind realized how excited I was to be a little cold.


My most favorite time of the year, Fall was such a welcome change! Since I was a child it had been a season of revitalization and anticipation for me. 

A new season! Leaving behind that retched one I’d just been through.  The insane heat of summer, which, in my case, was both physical and psychological.  The agony of a heat that seemed never-ending and the emotional toll of a near-hell on earth.  

Yes! It was time.  Time for a new beginning; a new chapter in my life.

Today was a new day!

Quickly, I forced myself out of bed and into warmer clothes.  I hurried to make the kids breakfast with a side of hot coffee for me. 

I could not wait to take them outside and enjoy the nice, cooler weather of Fall.  I couldn’t wait to show them all the joys of changing colors, falling leaves, and new smells of a new season.

And I, too, was ready now to begin anew.

Today would be my first day…of a new season...a new life... a new ME.  Today I would enter the world of other single parents and widows, but I entered with hope.

Hope for healing, hope for new beginnings, and hope for new joys that my favorite season would bring!

*This post was for a RemembeRED prompt from Write On Edge.  In my case, it is a memoir from the point of view of a yet to be written character.  


  1. OOHHHH.. I feel the anticipation, the happiness, the revival of spirit!

  2. I adore all of the positive hope here!

    Sometimes it is just that crispness that we need to help us "wake up," isn't it?