Thursday, October 20, 2011

Foot in style!

The Prompts:
1.) Follow the template I copied from The Pioneer Woman without her permission and list 22 things you’ve never done.
2.) Tell about a time you accidentally “replied all” or sent an email to the wrong person by mistake.
3.) Describe a meal your spouse actually cooks better than you.
4.) Share the story behind your current Facebook and/or Twitter profile photo.
5.) Write a Haiku for Fall and pair it with a favorite Fall photo you’ve taken this year.
While I would love to make a list of things I've never done, I fear coming up with 22 would either depress me or be incredibly boring to you, or both! I might have better luck listing 22 things I HAVE done which might shock the pants off some people, but no...
My hubby does cook one thing better than me - pancakes! Not enough for a post...
I do have a twitter account, but don't tweet very often.  Don't have a clue what picture is on that profile or my FB one currently, for that matter :-)
AND, much as I love poetry, I never really understood the Haiku...I guess it could rhyme, but isn't it more about the number of syllables or something?
So anywho...
I do regrettably have one of those unfortunate, accidental email incidents. To this day, I feel terrible every time I think about it! It was so innocent and so unfortunate, and made an already bad situation WORSE.
So anyway, way back, oh about 7 years ago, I did a favor for a friend.  It involved childcare and I was totally willing to do it.  The issue arose when we had different ideas about payment.  At this point, I can't tell you what was said about it.  I honestly cannot remember.
Looking back, it was so unimportant.  I guess at the time, I was new to the stay-at-home Mom thing and my hubby was new to the "sole-provider" thing.  We weren't struggling, per se, but we had given up several "comforts" in order to cut down on monthly expenses.
My friend, on the other hand, had recently moved into a new house.  She commuted at least 30 minutes to work.  She was driving her child to me everyday to take care of .  Did I mention I lived in the opposite direction from her job? Oh, and, she also packed a full diaper bag and lunch for the child everyday.
So why I felt the need for payment, I'm not sure.  
Anyway, at the end of the agreed upon time (which had increased by a day during the week), she let me know she couldn't pay me (possibly just for the extra day not the whole week; like I said - long time ago!).  She did offer me payment in the form of gift cards.
Again, looking back, it was a really nice gesture because she thought I would really love these gift cards.
I don't remember all the details, but somehow things got all blown out of proportion and before I knew it, we were at odds.  Not somewhere I wanted to be with this friend.
I know, I know! The email...
A while later, I sent out a blanket email to invite LOTS of people to an event at my home.  Very shortly after, I got an email reply from her saying you would probably attend.
I was shocked because I thought she was too mad at me to even entertain the idea. So what did I do?
I immediately forwarded her response to my husband, adding something like this to the top...
"What should I make of this? I never expected her to respond, much less come! What should I do?"
Clicked "send" and it was off through cyber-space to hubby at work.
I'd actually hit "reply" rather than forward! Yikes!
Know how I found out? She replied back...
"Well I thought you invited me because you wanted me to come, but I guess now I know how you really feel!"
It was a terrible feeling! I really tried my best to explain, I apologized, etc.
It turned out she couldn't come to my party anyway because she had a conflict.
I am happy to say, though, that we are friends again!
No thanks to my mouth!  Well, in this case, no thanks to my typing finger.


  1. Oh man! That's a tough situation to be in! I'm so glad you are still friends. I would feel the same way you do, but I've done the same thing before, only it was via text. Our friendship has never been the same since. :(

    Stopping by from Mama Kat's.

  2. That would be awful for me... I hate confrontation! But glad it worked out in the end and you two are still friends.

  3. That would be hard. I've only had one "reply all" situation, but it wasn't bad. I hate confrontation, too, so I'd probably have cried, lol.
    Visiting and following from Mama Kat's. Stop by my page anytime!

  4. I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time, but I had a good laugh. Nice to know you are friends now. I had a similar daycare situation (not email), sometimes business and friendship just don't mix.