Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Socks, you say?!

Yes! Socks!
I was playing around on Mama Kat's blog this morning and I looked at her writing inspiration prompts.
When I clicked on "Get your INSPIRATION on" and here's what came up...
"write a funny story about socks."
So you might be thinking, "how funny can socks be?"

Super funny, I tell ya! And I'm gettin' ready to (tell ya, that is)...

Way back in the dinosaur days my junior year of college, I was taking this crazy class for my major (required, no less!) called "Soil Science." I know, I know, 'nuff said, right? But I didn't get to the socks yet, so hang on!

Anyway, I had to take this stupid class and the only other person out of 200 or so that I "knew" was no more than an acquaintance.  As it turns out, I knew him because he dated my roommate Freshman year.  To make a long story short, we got assigned (randomly, by the teacher) to the same study group of 3.  As it happens, our "third" wasn't even interested in coming to class, much less an outside class study group.
So, my one partner and I got together to study and work on our first homework assignment on a Thursday night.  I thought it was BYOB for some reason (like when we were done with the work).

A few drinks in, I was a little giggly and he was laughing too (although I think laughing AT me and not with me).  At some point, I made a wager I definitely couldn't back up...

I said, "I bet I can take my socks off faster than you!" "No hands!"

Turns out, he already had such a routine down to a science and beat me by a landslide. I don't remember the wager, but most likely an additional drink followed my miserable finish in the contest.

I think it was actually his roommate who thought it the funniest...he was trying to sleep in the top bunk, but perked up to watch when I opened my big mouth with the challenge! He has reminded us about that a few times through the years...

AND, if you didn't already know, the study partner and co-sock conspirator is now my husband! That night was our first kiss, first time we held-hands, first time he drove me home (because I couldn't drive, but also couldn't leave my car on campus overnight unless I wanted a ticket!) , first time we spent the night together (although not even hand-holding or kissing was involved; simply sleeping)...good times!

All because of socks...or was it the drinks before the socks?

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