Thursday, October 27, 2011

To do(ne) list...

1.) Last week we wrote about what we have never done…this week write a list of 22 things you HAVE done. (inspired by Sellabit Mom)
2.) Write about the last item you looked for. Why did you need it?
3.) Something that scared the Hell out of you when you were a child. (inspired by Mama Sick)
4.) Describe something you did with your spouse when you dated, but that you’re now “over”. (Inspiredby Scary Mommy)
5.) Do you have little ones dressing up for Halloween? It’s time for a costume share! What are they going to be?

I totally was NOT gonna do this list thing, but as I think about it, it's the prompt I'm most excited about this week (true writer's block, ya think?) I think those of you who know me will find some surprises in there :-)
So here goes!

In my 35 years, I have...

1.) Been robbed at gunpoint TWICE when I worked in banking (had to lead with that one-it's a doozy!)
2.) Loved someone for the wrong reasons.
3.) Loved someone I shouldn't have.
4.) Said things I wasn't proud of, especially when I couldn't take them back.
5.) NOT said things I should've...especially when someone's life was about to be changed.
6.) Had 2 unexpectedly difficult births, both C-sections
7.) Stolen someone's boyfriend
8.) Had a friend who was a boy and thus a "boy-friend" but nothing more
9.) Replaced the roof on a house, shingles and all
10.) Owned at least 9 dogs in my lifetime, but 0 cats (because I used to be HIGHLY allergic)
11.) Loved someone so much it actually did/ does hurt
12.) Read a whole book while at an Atlanta Braves baseball game
13.) Been out of the U.S. only twice in my life, once to Jamaica on my honeymoon and second to The Bahamas a few years later
14.) Been to Vegas and stayed in the big pyramid
15.) been a band nerd, only I didn't play an instrument
16.) been to Disney World 4 times in my life, the most recent (with my kids) was also the most meaningful
17.)  started a fire in my Mom's oven (and my own)
18.) started a fire in a microwave because I nuked some metal (by accident)
19.) been humiliated in church
20.) begged for forgiveness 
21.) been forgiven, more times than I deserved
22.) been blessed beyond belief to be surrounded by friends and family who love me in all my craziness!

Now it's your turn! What 22 things make your list?


  1. Love your list. I think it is close to the things I have done in my own life.

  2. Love the book while at a baseball game!

  3. I relate to many of these... one of mine is starting a fire in my mom's house too!