Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Day 14 {31 Days of Grace}: Tiny Bits of Beauty in the Rain

 Day pics today, sorry!

Wednesday's are crazy days for me because after getting the kids off to school, I drive straight to church for my women's bible study group.  After the rest of the day and dinner, I go back again for choir practice.

It's about a 20 minute drive each way, and choir practice lasts till 9pm, so it makes for a long day.

Wednesdays are "double-coffee" days :-)

Today, on the way home from Bible Study and a few errands afterwards, I noticed small droplets on my windshield.  Not enough to need the wipers, just enough to be noticed.
Then I thought I saw a small white wisp fly past me as I was driving; then another, and another!
It was far too warm for snowflakes, but I'm sure that's what I saw! Tiny snowflakes mixed with the rain.
Before I knew it, I was straining my eyes to see the next flake.  I bet other drivers thought I was insane, all hunched over my steering wheel like an old lady!

I love snow for many reasons: as a child, it meant no school; at any age, it's pretty; it has it's time and season, just like the heat in summer or colors of leaves in the fall.

Today I realized one other reason I may be fascinated with snow: the theory that no two flakes are alike - each one is unique.
Isn't that an amazing concept? NO TWO are just alike! 
Even with people that's true.  God makes us all different; even identical twins have different personalities that make them unique.

I also scolded myself a little.  See, I tend to do this often - get so caught up in the momentary beauty (like searching for snowflakes) that I take for granted His beauty that is always around me.  Everywhere I turn, anytime I want, there it is - in a sunrise or sunset - the abundance of birds in the yard - the return of flowers and green growing things.  Even in the "dead" of winter or the brown of autumn, there is still beauty.

I'm trying to see my past that way too.

Even as entrenched in sin as I was, the dirty, smelly kind of sin, there was beauty.  If only the lesson learned, something good came of my bad decisions and poor choices EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

On Day 12, I was almost ready to tell you about starting to date my hubby.
I'm pretty sure there were a few more dates and relationships between John and my husband than I've mentioned here, but none are significant.

I've blogged before about the unique situation that led to me and E (my husband) dating.  There's this cute little sock story too, that chronologically comes before the unique situation post, but is about our first kiss.

I really do look back fondly on those days! 
Bless his heart, my husband just got the biggest mess of a woman imaginable! 
The amount of baggage I brought to that relationship is likely unprecedented.
I am still amazed at the fact, he'd never told any other girl he loved her before me and that is a great story.

However, it's a long story, so I'll save it for tomorrow.

I'll leave you with some great verses we covered in Bible Study today that are great reinforcements to my post from yesterday. I just LOVE that He sends me just what I need, when I need it!

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