Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Day 20 {31 Days of Grace}:When good isn't good enough...

On Day 18, I covered about one year's time in one post! 

To be honest, while I know it was the summer of 1998 at this point, I really can't remember a lot of details.

Other than my field study course, I worked at both my retail jobs again for the summer. E had been working at the same company since February of 2008 so he continued to work afternoons and summers there.
In fact, he still works there now, over 15 years later!

He started out working in the warehouse and has moved up to one of the higher positions with the company; even there he is among the top performers in his job.  

The fall of 1998, was the last semester of college for both of us.  We'd graduate and move on to the "real world" in December.

I remember job fairs and efforts to find work in my field. I also remember LOTS of talk of "entry level positions" and "WHEN (not if) you get your graduate degree." Ha! As if!
I had no intention of going back to school after the hell that college was for me!

I also knew I had a retail management job waiting for me when I graduated.  The company I had worked for since my junior year, offered me an assistant manager position and I took it.
They had entrusted me with extra responsibilities from my very first day on the job and I truly LOVED the job; it was a natural progression for me.

The second retail store in the mall, asked me if I would be willing to quit the other part-time job and take on more responsibility with them, while I was still in school that last semester.  While I liked working there, I didn't see a full time future for myself there and I already suspected an offer from the company I'd been with longest.

E continued on with his company as part of a college training program.  He entered it with the understanding of being trained in all aspects of the business and being groomed for a higher position (though he would have to move through some of the not-so-desired ones first). His parents got him a briefcase for graduation, which to this day, I don't think he's ever used, but still has!

At this point, we both still lived in the same apartment complex, although I'd moved across the street.
We were within walking distance of each other and, truthfully, spent more time together than apart.

One of the things about our relationship that I am least proud of, is my pressuring him to commit. Sometime our senior year of college, I began to make it known that I wanted to get married.  I brought up the subject way too much and asked for his opinion more than I should have.

I was convinced he didn't feel the same way; didn't want to marry me; didn't care if I stayed or left.
I pushed it to the point where he finally told me he couldn't imagine his life without me but that he didn't want to talk about marriage; so I let it go.  For a little while at least...

So after graduation, we worked, paid our bills, moved happily along in our relationship...things just "hummed" so to speak.

But I couldn't leave well enough alone...
come back tomorrow to see how my mouth got me in trouble this time :-)

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