Thursday, May 16, 2013

Baseball with my Son

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My son will be 5 next month and I figured a boy never turns down outside time right?  So yesterday, I took my son outside for awhile with the premise that Mama needed some vitamin D. 

Do you think that happened? Not so much!

Every time I sat, or tried to lie down on, my beach towel, there was an all out crisis that I HAD TO COME AND FIX.
His joy with the bubbles was short lived; plus, he spilled some of them-bringing on the tears.  "Mo-om! I spilled my bubbles!"
You would have thought he'd just wasted the last drops of bubble solution on the face of the planet - but no! Plenty of liquid left in the bottle, but he decided the lid most go on tightly, and RIGHT NOW!
Then it was on to the frisbee.  I reminded to be careful of the dog poo at the edges of the front yard, so he decided to throw towards the house.
Did I mention the grass was a little tall? Last weekend we spent time with both my Mom (an hour east) and my Mother-in-Law (an hour west) so hubby had no time to cut the grass. Buddy kept tripping over the grass and the towel I'd laid on the grass and he got frustrated pretty quickly with the frisbee.
Then he wanted to play baseball and comes out of the garage with his soft toy bat and several matching baseballs.  I offer a compromise: I'll set-up the automated baseball pitcher/net in one!
After 20 minutes of trying to get it working, I gave up with no luck.
I told him to throw it up in the air and hit it when it comes down {I know, I know - Lazy Mama! But I only had 30 minutes and I wanted to spend it soaking up sunshine!}.
He tried, bless his heart, he really did! It just didn't work for him! 
I took pity and starting pitching to him {I kinda suck at it, BTW}.  After the first round of pitching, he collects the balls and throws them back to me.
As he's doing so, he says, "I'm taking it easy on you, Mom, since you aren't a good catcher!"
Thanks, Buddy, thanks a lot!
What do your kids say that surprises you?


  1. Too funny! My daughter who is also 5 loves to be outside and playing. It is always fun for her, too, but I so understand the thought of thinking we may be able to sit and just take in what they are doing. Not so much ;). Crises lurk around the oddest of places for a 5 year old ;)

  2. Haha! Well at least he's thoughtful. ;) He would have to take it easy on me too!