Thursday, May 23, 2013

{Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop}: Six Random Things

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The Prompts:
1.) A time you felt validated. (inspired by Adventures in Alyssaland)
2.) List six random facts about yourself.
3.) Talk about a trend you don’t care for.
4.) The last thing you lost.
5.) Pinterest Inspired! Share something you pinned and actually tried.

SIX Random things...

So I've kind of written this sort of post here to read my list of 22 things I've done.

I'm really trying not to duplicate here, but I also have this list of gifts that I was born with (or received from God at a very young age).
Again, I'm trying to find things I haven't talked about before.

So here goes: I plan to write as quickly as possible on the first 6 things that come to mind and make as few edits as possible.


1.) I am painfully self-conscious, but many people who meet me (even some family members) are shocked when they find out.  Somehow they perceive me as confident. I have an Uncle who is a Pastor and he uncovered some of these confidence issues in me during premarital counseling for my marriage.
Readers may know this, because it's easier for me to admit and share these things from a perspective of anonymity. 

2.) My memory...
it's unbelievable really.  I can meet someone once, at a party for instance, and remember their face and name indefinitely.  Even 10 years down the road, I can see someone in Walmart and, though I may not remember her name, I can tell you when and where I met her.  
While I don't have a photographic memory, I do recall written materials easily.  That made it easy to test well in High School, but didn't help me much in college when the pace of everything was much faster :-(

3.) I cannot remember a time in my life when I didn't want to be a mother.  I wanted at least 3 children and was mortified when E told me before we got married that he wasn't sure he wanted any!
Then I got pregnant with Sweetpea and the pregnancy and delivery were so challenging and drastically different than what I'd expected, that I didn't EVER want to do it again! I resigned myself to having an only child until my husband practically begged me to have "at least one more!"
What happened there?! 

4.) We all have them, but my family seems to have lots of black sheep and lots of "issues."
The kind of issues most of us try to hide.
Alcoholism, multiple incidences of children out of wedlock, drug abuse and prison time.  In the interest of authenticity (as well as helping myself deal with it), I have written about some of it here on my blog.
Please don't misunderstand my words as judgements - they aren't.  I just often have a heavy heart for anyone who struggles with hardship; my heart is heavier for family members.

5.) I'm funny!
Like in a ha-ha kind of way as well as a peculiar kind of a way.
I used to be really sarcastic; to the point that I hurt the feelings of friends pretty often.
To this day, I can revert back to that sarcastic tone easily, though I never meant harm or hurt to anyone.
I have learned to refine my humor a little and when I want to, I can crack up a whole room! Of course, I have to really loosen up for that since I'm usually too self-conscious to try (see #1).

And sometimes, I'm just odd! We all have our little idiosyncrasies, and I used to try to hide mine, but I'm learning to share them.  If people laugh, I understand why and I try to join them and laugh at myself too.

6.) In a similar vein, I think I am borderline OCD.  I mean, I like things to look a certain way.  I used to eat M & Ms ONLY 2 at a time and then I would debate whether to eat any leftovers or throw them out (I hate odd numbers).  Sometimes, I would even match them in two's by color as well.
I don't really eat M & M's anymore since I try to eat clean and low-carb and all that, but the M & M's are just one funny example I can think of.

Another thing is this: I wish the screws in my light switch covers all had the middle line precisely horizontal.  I know that's nuts, but it still drives me crazy if I can't make it happen.
Now don't misunderstand: while I am OCD about many things, it backfires on me when it comes to an always-neat-clean-uncluttered house.  Since I never have the time to do it like I want to, I often just don't do it :-)
I wish I were a better house keeper, but I am working on it (sort of a compromise really).

What about you?
What random things can you share?


  1. I can be really self conscious too. Most people don't believe me either. I'm getting MUCH better at just being me and putting myself out there.

  2. Great list! I have a pretty detailed memory too...much to my husband's chagrin. I'm sure he'd prefer I'd just forget some of his lousier moments. ;)

  3. Oh my goodness, I also try to make sure the screws in the light switch covers are perfectly up and down! I've never admitted that before because I knew it was a bit cuckoo, but there you go. You're not alone!